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Eggs Bordeaux

Eggs Bordeaux
I wanted to make a French toast meal in a ramekin. The reason I wanted it in a ramekin was the egg mixture was more than just eggs and cream. I wanted to add a little after-dinner liquor that was a blend of chocolate and red wine form one of our local wineries. The first attempts were utter failures: The first baking, the bread was too soggy; The French bread sunk, leaving a gooey bottom. With the next try, the bread came out hard as a rock; The French bread wouldn’t stay in the ramekin because the egg floated it.

I came up with the idea of removing all the white bread from the slice of French bread, leaving only a crown of crust that fit snuggly into the ramekin. I also realized I had to put the chocolate-wine mix in the bottom of the ramekin, so that went into first, then the crown of crust on top. I add to the chocolate-wine mix brown sugar and butter to create a thicker, richer mix. I always like to add something that has a little sour taste to play with the sweet taste, so I sliced green apples and put them in next. The egg mix is pretty simple: egg, cream and a little almond extract, which is poured over the apple slices and crown crust.

I put the mixed-full ramekin into the refrigerator for the night. The crust absorbs some of the egg mix, so I add a top-off in the morning before I put it into the oven. Once cooked, I flip the ramekin over, so the chocolate-wine mix is on the top, a rich brown looking top to a small soufflé. Bon Appetite!

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