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Jakes Arrival at Dreamcatcher

Classic JakeMy first and only airplane flight was a blur, it happened so fast. I was young, so didn’t know what to expect. I arrived in Albuquerque, first class in my own cabin, with special handling, by the airplane crew. I was only 13 weeks old, coming from South Carolina. Prudy picked me up and we drove to Taos in the north. It was dark as she drove, I watching the mountains as we home. John said hello when we got to the big house.

Prudy and John invited people over to see me. Every day. In fact, there were people who came and then left in a day or two. I knew why they brought me to Taos, to greet the people, to make them feel at home, to give them a little ‘doggy fix’ because they were separated from their own pets. I sit up on the couch, they rub my belly and feel more relaxed. It’s my job. But I do miss my other siblings; not sure I remember my mom.
I learned their language, they say the same things differently, so I had to adapt to their pronunciation. Frankly, it took longer for them to understand my simple requests, like open the door, I’m hungry, feed me, and let me sit in your lap. It really isn’t so many things to memorize. Just little barking words that even animals knew. John knew about the coming and going requests, Prudy picked up quickly on the other one about being held.