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Jake at our Dreamcatcher Bed & Breakfast

Jake and Wild Creatures: Some “Lively” Fun At Our Dreamcatcher Bed & Breakfast

As much as you might think, dogs are not domesticated. We pretend to be, but put me in front of another animal and watch me. It could be a fly or a bug, a feral cat or a roaming dog. I’ll try to stomp it, bite it, and eat it (as long as it’s really small). I have those desires to be the king of the kingdom. I may be black and white, with huggable qualities and –most of the time- good manners, but never forget how wild I can be.

Taos borders the wild southwest, with few houses, roads. One side is the desert, the other the Taos Mountains. Many years ago, the native Indians dug acequias, water ditches that brought water from the mountain lakes to the fertile valley in Taos. As the town was developed roads, the acequias survived by with bridges or tunnels to carry the water.

The acequias are wild animal freeways. Raccoons, skunks, armadillos, prairie dogs use these freeways to travel around Taos and not be run over. My bed and breakfast in Taos has an acequia. The water runs from April through October when water is plentiful. Over the winter, the frozen freeway is open to all the wild animals.

One morning, when the humans were preparing breakfast, I heard a noise outside. Barking, they let me out to scare off the varmint. As I approached, I realized it had the same coat coloring. A kindred? The little animal turned and waddled away, so I barked friendly. That’s when its tail went up and she sprayed me. An awful smell, settling in my whiskers and fur. Rolling on the ground I tried to get rid of the smell. Approaching the front door, maybe the humans could help. They whisked me to the backyard and locked the gates, vanquished from the guests. I was so embarrassed. After breakfast, the humans gave me several baths of vinegar, tomato juice, and lemon juice, I smelled a little better. The man cut short my whiskers which helped with the smell. Boy, I learned that didn’t like my cousin and her nasty spray.