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Jake and the Magic Pan: A Taos New Mexico Hotel’s Unique “Tale”

Our Taos New Mexico Hotels Greeter, Jake.
I’m the official guest greeter at Dreamcatcher B&B, one of the best Taos New Mexico Hotels around. Okay, maybe I’m just the dog greeter. Name’s Jake. I was only 13 weeks old when I moved into the Dreamcatcher. My human partner is John, he’s my alpha. John sometimes gets into the ‘I’m the master, you obey’ mode but not often. When I’m at the door I bark once –it took a while for John to learn my message technique- and he opens the door for me. Good human! Problem with height of door handle.

My favorite time of the day is morning. When John and his partner Prudence start cooking in the kitchen, my nose tells me there’s meat today for the guests. On those days I sit at attention in front of the stove as John cooks. When he sees me, I look at the frig, and then the stove. He says something to me, but it is so garbled. How can they talk like that? Anyways, he follows the gibberish by the special words ‘Magic pan’. Yeah! He does understand my nose language! At the end of the meal, John takes the magic pan, a handful of my dry food, mixes it. He proudly says ‘Jake, here’s the Magic Pan.’ He glops the greasy food into my dish. I’m licking my chops and am set for the day. Good human! ‘Get out of my way,’ I say in a good bark to John and he laughs.