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Hot Oats Brulé

Torching the Hot Oats Brule I want to share with you one of my dishes that I start each day with. I discovered this dish at a B&B in Corrales, NM, a suburb of Albuquerque: the mixture of Irish Steel cut oats, regular oats, raisins and almonds. I’ve added my previous cooking experience and now it has become one of my signature dishes that guests love – Hot Oats Brule.

My idea was to make an oatmeal dish interesting and memorable. I’ve added to the original dish the Brule element by sprinkling raw sugar on top and torching it until it melts to a crunchy, caramel color. The other little touch was adding a dollop of a mixture of sour cream and vanilla yogurt as the topping. In Europe this dollop is crème fraiche, but that is not easy to find in the U.S. supermarkets, hence my little creation. The dish is appealing with the base of oat color, the caramelized surface finished off with the white dollop.

The ingredients are a balance of Irish steel cut oats and slow cooking oats, a handful of sliced almonds and raisins. I heat up a pan with milk; when bubbles appear, I pour in the mix, occasionally stirring for about 20 minutes on medium heat. Because I serve many people daily, I pour the product into a crock-pot and keep it on a low heat.

When served, I put an individual portion of about 3-5 oz. into a ramekin, sprinkle on the raw sugar and torch it. Last is the little dollop of the crème fraiche on top. This creates several interesting things at the same time: a crunchy texture with the Brule sugar and almonds, the sweet/sour taste with the crème fraiche and torched sugar, and the smoothness of the oats. The dish should not be soupy or dry to make these elements work together to make each bit an enjoyable one. Bon Appetite!

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