Taos Plaza Area

Across the road, you find Taos Plaza (yes, the Spaniards built this place), which dates to the late 18thcentury. Since that time the Plaza has been the central meeting place in the valley.

Taos feels like a tiny version of Santa Fe. It’s peppered with adobe facades, galleries, colorful shops – all catering to the year-round tourists and beaming locals.

The arts scene continues to thrive and is the heart and soul of Taos.

Taos Plaza Area

Artists began to settle in Taos just before 1900. Many paintings were made of local scenes. The Taos Art Colony became one of the best-known in the US. In the early 1920s, much-married Manhattan salon hostess Mabel Dodge founded a literary colony in Taos.

Thanks to her, D.H. Lawrence and other artsy utopia-seekers flocked to the area. (Now you can enjoy her hospitality as well: her home is a handsome, comfortable inn, The Mabel Dodge Luhan House.)

Wander around this tiny town and you’ll spot some of the artists’ studios preserved for visitors to wander through.
Taos Plaza Area 2