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Enjoy a Top New Mexico Bed and Breakfast: Breakfast At The Dreamcatcher Bed & Breakfast

Dream B&B pancakes at the top New Mexico bed and breakfast
The ingredients we put in our breakfasts speak to the care we put into making each guest have a wonderful morning, experiencing a Top New Mexico Bed and Breakfast at the Dreamcatcher B&B.

We sometimes hear the guests say they get by with cereal and coffee at home. But our Taos guest is spending time outside enjoying nature, New Mexico White Water Rafting, walking in town from one gallery to another, one museum to another and one store to another. This takes energy from a good breakfast.

Many of the Inns in Taos serve Mexican breakfasts, but our tradition runs more European. We start every day with a menu that alternates between sweet and savory dishes. Today we did Crepes stuffed with Ricotta cheese and honey with a freshly created strawberry topping. On the plate we serve bacon and a small fruit compote. The day before we served Almond Encrusted French toast, with turkey sausage and a small fruit compote. I’ve created 13 menus, so we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to what the guests prefer; no guest has the same meal regardless of how long they stay with us.

We also have dietary options for our guests. When we had the blueberry Belgian Waffles last week, I made it with Krusteaz gluten-free waffle mix and almond milk. We also have a wonderful, fresh fruit plate for those that need to stay away from lactose or meat products.

The small town of Taos has an organic foods store and several traditional grocery stores. We shop for our ingredients daily, choosing what is in season. We’ve got large choices in the vegetable, fruit, and cheese sections. One example of shopping is for our Savory Pancakes dish ingredients: fresh baby spinach, cage free eggs, Manchego cheese and Anju Pear. The dish comes with sautéed fresh asparagus spears.

The menu is found on the Foodies tab on website. Bon Appetite! John